About Ullerware

Üllerware is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business operating in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The owner is a 20 Year veteran of Naval Special Warfare who has worked with the outdoor industry for the last 10 years in the design and development of cold weather clothing and other equipment for use in Special Operations applications.

Ullerware’s current and future products are Merino wool products intended to support the multi-sport athlete in year-round outdoor activity. Our socks are sourced from Domestic Merino wool sources, combined with other domestically manufactured materials and knit in the U.S. This produces what the Military refers to as a “Berry Amendment Compliant” product

Many companies produce “Made in the USA” or “Trade (TAA) Compliant” goods. However, in neither of those cases are the materials or material ingredients required to be 100% domestically sourced. We believe in the viability and quality of US materials, manufacturing, and supply chain and intend to support it and partner with those organizations that share this same belief. It is vital to our interests as a nation to encourage the growth of our domestic supply chain and manufacturing process for our longterm economic survivability.

About the Name

Ullerware is a two -part word, Uller and Ware. The first is an alternative spelling of the Norse god Ullr. His is an ancient reference within the Norse pantheon and may in fact refer to an historical figure. He was credited with being the god of Snow, Skiing, Archery, and Hunting. Every year in Brekinridge, CO they hold the Ullr Festival.

The second word “Ware” is Scandinavian/Germanic in origin: Middle English, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse verja (past participle varithr, varthr to clothe, invest, spend.

And, Middle English, from Old English warian; akin to Old High German biwarōn to protect[1]

 By putting the two words together we get the fusion meaning of protecting the outdoor god in everyone

About the Products

 Üllerware products are born of the idea that Merino wool is the optimal material for next to skin garments and that by providing a durable blend our products will wear better and provide the comfort and performance you demand. We make products by and for the multi-sport athlete and feel your gear should hold up as well as you do.

Our products are engineered to perform for at least 3 days of demanding use under extreme conditions. To that end, our goal is to provide our customers with a product that fits and feels as good on day three in the field as day one. Our material and blending selection are guided by these principles. 

How the sock fits the foot, how the sock fits inside the shoe, and how the shoe supports both the sock and the foot are what we call the foot, sock, shoe interface. When a product grips the foot without constricting it and becomes an extension of the foot within the shoe, it permits a better functioning of the footwear and reduces the impact to the foot. This in return uses less energy, causes fewer injuries, and creates a better experience. While we can’t pick your footwear, we can give you a better experience with your socks.

We take our design and manufacturing partners as seriously as we do our customers and insist on supporting domestic material sources and manufacturers. All of our products are made in the U.S. from domestically sourced materials. Please contact us if you any suggestions or issues with our product. We want to hear both the good points and those that we can improve upon.